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Safety Seminars
At Airline, we realize how difficult it is to stay current of industry changes in laws and guidelines. That’s why we offer seminars to provide an understanding of safety standards and examine measures that can be taken to assure full compliance. Safety Training, Inspection of Industrial Machinery,Components,and Equipment (Training)

Machine Safegaurding Skill Builder Seminar (OM_MACH)

Presented by Omron STI

  • Are your machines guarded to relevant standards?
  • Have all steps been taken to prevent injuries from process equipment?
  • Has a documented machine guarding assessment been performed to verify compliance?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions or even if you're just not sure, your facility will benefit from an Omron STI Machine Safeguarding Skill Builder seminar.
Skill Builders are not a sales pitch - they are one-day training seminars designed to educate your personnel on the requirements and methods of machine and process safeguarding to help them identify, and sometimes correct, machine safeguarding discrepancies. Skill Builder attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of methods for machine safeguarding, and the correct application of guarding devices.

Major topics include:
  • Identifying machine hazards
  • Machine hazard risk assessment
  • Machine guarding techniques and the latest safeguarding technologies
  • Machine guarding requirements as set by regulatory and consensus standards
  • Safety circuit design requirements based on risk level
  • Practical application
$250.00 per attendee (1 Day)

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General Machine Safety (SCH_GEN)

Presented by Schmersal Engineering Services

Anyone responsible for the design, operation, or maintenance of machines needs an understanding of legal requirements, risk assessment, types of hazards, the several levels of circuit design, and available types of safety equipment and how they all come together for a complete safety solution. Let Schmersal help you take that step into the world of machine safety.

Major topics include:
  • Understanding OSHA and industry consensus
  • Standards
  • Risk assessment principles
  • Hazard types
  • Risk reduction
  • Safeguarding principles
  • Safety equipment – separating vs. non-separating
  • Fixed and movable guards
  • Reaching and guard opening design
  • Application of safety switches
  • Safety monitoring relays and controllers
  • Understanding safety circuit design
  • Safety categories and performance levels
  • Fault tolerance and exclusions
  • Fluid power safety
1 Day/Price: $150 per person

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ISO 13849-1... Are You Ready? (SCH_ISO)

Presented by Schmersal Engineering Services

ISO13849-1 is a global harmonized standard relating to the risk assessment, design, and performance of safety control systems on machinery. This standard is accepted world-wide as the principle safety control design guideline and it represents a major change in the philosophy of hazard analysis and designing safety-related parts of machine control systems. This informative seminar will prepare you for the transition to ISO 13849-1.

Major topics include:
  • The differences between required performance levels and safety control categories
  • Why this standard was developed and has been accepted globally
  • Specific information about the standard
  • How to use this standard to analyze risk factors and circuit performance
  • How to calculate the performance levels of your existing system and pending designs
1 Day/Price: $150 per person

Seminar Schedule (Click Link to Schedule) Schedule a Training Session?

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