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The range of more than 18,000 products presented here shows on the one hand how many customer-specific products we develop and produce. On the other hand, it becomes clear how wide the spectrum of safety switching devices is today.


Safety Interlock
AZM range solenoid interlocks, operating in combination with control elements of a machine, e.g. fail-safe standstill monitors or fail-safe delay timers, ensure that sliding, hinged and removable guarding devices, such as grids , hoods or doors, cannot be opened until hazardous conditions (e.g. running-down movements) have come to an end.

These solenoid interlocks are also used for cases in which the opening of a guarding device represents a non-permissible intrusion in a production process.

In combination with AES and AZR range safety monitoring modules (see chapter 10), the AZM range solenoid interlocks achieve Control Category 3 or 4 to EN 954-1, subject to suitable circuit arrangements. Examples of circuits for solenoid interlocks are shown in the Schmersal Control Circuit and Applications Handbook.


Optoelectronic safety devices
    Optoelectronic safety device are used as entry, danger point or danger zone guards. SLB range safety light barriers ar utilised as entry guards to dangerous areas. these protection devices operating without physical contact achieve Control Category 2 or 4 to EN 954-1 in combination with SLB 200-C or SLB 400-C safety monitoring modules. SLC 400 range safety light grids and light curtains can be integrated into the safety concept of the machine or plant even under tight space conditions by virtue of their very compact design.

    These safety devices are also often used on presses to guard danger points or zones. Depending on the paticular resolution of the safety light grids and curtains, protection of persons, hands or even fingers can be provided. SLC 400 range safety light grids and light curtains achieve Control Category 4 to EN 954-1. LSS range safety laser scanners detect invisibly and without physical contact over an angle of 180° and are mainly utilised as hazardous zone guards. The zone to be guarded can be individually definded, i.e. to suit the particular case, by means of user-oriented software. Up to two pairs of protection and warning zones can be monitored without the need for an additional safety monitoring module. By virtue of conventional means to guard the dangerous zone is either only realisable at the cost of high outlay or even completely impracticable, such as on pipe-bending machines, industrial robots and automated guided vehicles (AGV). LSS 300 safety laser scanners achieve Control Categroy 3 to EN 954-1.

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