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SMC Pneumatic product catalog:

SMC is recognized as one of the world's largest and most progressive manufacturers of pneumatic and other factory automation components. SMC offers over 9,800 basic products and more than 600,000 variations to meet the complex and diversified needs of its customers, including directional control valves, cylinders and actuators, air preparation products, airline products, vacuum products, instrumentation and hundreds of specialty products for individual markets. The company is continually applying world class design to pneumatic component and power control technology to develop advanced products with ever higher levels of performance.

Actuators (Cylinders)

Bore size ranging from 2.5mm to 32 inches, SMC has the most engineered cylinder products in the industry. Featuring NFPA style cylinders, round throw away style cylinders, ISO style, compact and stopper cylinders. SMC offers a complete line of basic cylinders with their patented "Q" seal, low friction, long life standards the industry has been looking for.

Browse SMC's Actuator Selection offering many styles of air cylinders such as:

  • Standard Air Cylinders
  • Compact Air Cylinders
  • Water Resistant Cylinders
  • Floating Joints
  • Air-Hydro Units
  • Rodless Cylinders
  • Table Cylinders
  • Guide Cylinders
  • Lock Cylinders
  • Specialty Cylinders
  • Clamp Cylinders
  • Stopper Cylinders
  • Stroke Reading Cylinders
  • Valve Mounted Cylinders
  • Other cylinders
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Auto Switches


Because SMC spends over $90 million a year on R&D, they position themselves better than any other company in the industry when it comes to learning what the customer wants. SMC has taken the work out of designing linear actuators the old fashion way. By incorporating cross roller or linear slides to their air cylinders, they have created the ultimate in high load, high accuracy, high speed actuators ranging in bore sizes from 6mm to 200mm. SMC is the dominant player in the market.

Electric Actuators And Cylinders

SMC's LE series of electric actuators add the simplicity of use to the conventional benefits of electric actuators. Adjustable force, speed and positioning (64 points) to adapt to any possible application.
Browse Electric Actuator And Cylinder Catalog

SMC's offers many Electric Actuators And Cylinders such as:

Air Preperation
(FRLs,Pressure Regulators, Filters, and Pressure Sensors with Energy Efficient Designs)

SMC's airline equipment provides unsurpassed sensing, regulation and filtration performance for your pneumatic system. With our large range of pneumatic preparation products, we can provide the clean dry air necessary to achieve the peak performance required by your fluid power system. Our connectors simplify the plumbing of all your components. SMC's innovative one-touch and uni-thread one touch fitting technology provides dramatic time savings during the installation of both air fittings and pneumatic flow controls. We offer many variations and sizes to suit any application. Tubing is made in several sizes and packaged in a variety of lengths.

SMC's air preparation (FRL) products offer a wide variety of filter, regulator, and lubricator combination units as well as ambient dryers, booster regulators, mist separators, and a wide range of accessories. Obtain energy savings, with higher flow rates and eight size options to ensure optimum performance for every application. Cleaner environment with small Micron Filtration as standard to meet every application need. Reduced downtime with simple assembly and maintenance. Integrate electronic pressure switches, lock out valves and "soft starts" for complete control over your pneumatic supply.
Browse SMC's Air Preperation Catalog

SMC's offers many Air Preperation Components such as:

  • Combination Units
  • Regulators
  • Filters
  • Lubricators
  • Dryers
  • Precision Regulators
  • Nozzles


Bore sizes ranging from 15mm to 8 inches. Vane style rack and pinion. They have high torque and low backlash. They come with stroke adjustments and newer models have radial and axial thrust load bearing tables built in. So if you’re looking for 0-270, 0-90, or 0-180, SMC has the rotary actuator for you. Ask about the MSQ and MSUB model of actuator.
Browse SMC's Rotary Actuators, Air Grippers, and Auto Swith Catalog


SMC has engineered many solenoid valve innovations, and our robust designs combine high flow and low power consumption. SMC valves and valve manifolds offer unsurpassed quality, performance and range. We offer valves and valve manifolds for every application with port sizes ranging from M3 to 2". Valves can be mounted on a manifold, on bar stock or can be stacked, with flexible integrated wiring options. We offer very low power consumption, very high flow rates, quick response times and clean aesthetic designs. SMC valves are used extensively in the semi conductor, automotive, packaging, medical, specialty machine, and machine tool industries. We have a valve series that will accommodate your most demanding application.

From 0.008cv to 48cv, SMC has the most extensive line of valves known to the industry. Ranging from 2 way, 3 way, and 4 way valves, SMC has always been known as the high speed, long life valve when it comes to automation. The VQ series is the smallest 3 way valve in the industry; it is the first valve to boast one billion cycles in the industry. The SYJ series is the smallest 4 way valve. This modular style valve is capable of mounting 3 way and 4 way valves on the same manifold base. This valve measures only 9mm in width and carries a flow rate of 0.1cv. With the most diversified line of solenoid valves, SMC offers a high flow in a small package size. Ask about their broad range of valves available for serial transmission.

SMC's offers many styles of Direction Control Valves such as:

Solenoid Valves & Manifolds
Air Pilot Valves
Manual Valves
Mechanically Actuated Valves
Valve Accessories

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