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Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of
miniature pneumatic valves, electronic valves, brass, stainless, and corrosion resistant cylinders, modular components, and fittings. The Minimatic line includes over 3,400 standard products and the company’s growth continues today maintaining its position as the industry’s most complete supplier of quality, miniature pneumatic components.



Mimimatic Cylinders
Minimatic Cylinders range from 5/32" to 1 1/8" in bore size, and are available in spring return and double acting models, with a full line of associated devices for mounting and use.

The CILinder
The CILinder offers Clippard quality in a low-cost, rolled construction stainless steel tube type cylinder. Available in 5/16" - 2 1/2" bore sizes, with polished ID 304 stainless tubes; machined aluminum heads; and 303 stainless rods. Also available are trunnion mount designs, block mount designs, corrosion resistant designs, as well as Hall Effect and magnetic reed switches.

Minimatic Valves 
Clippard Minimatic® Valve line includes 2, 3, and 4-way valves, plus toggle valves, heavy duty limit valves, whisker valves, large group of special purpose valves; plus sensors programmers, electrical switches and solenoids.

Minimatic Push Buttons
Clippard push button line has flush, extended, mushroom and key locking models. Choices of bright colors in the most popular models...plus legend plates, electric block, and necessary accessories.

Minimatic Modular Valves 
Modules plug-in for fast, easy circuit building, are available in 52 different types. Modular valves, controls and sensors in standardized bodies. Octoport porting systems can be instantly plugged in to manifold subplate. 

Pneumatic Circuit Boards 
Clippard's line of subplates consists of 25 different models, all with standard circuits, and ported 10-32 or 1/8 NPT. Clippard subplates are all pre-plumbed and allow modulars to be stacked. Circuit systems are easily constructed for various motion control operations.

Minimatic Fittings
Clippard Minimatic Fittings Line includes miniature fluidic, fluid power and pneumatic logic fittings, clamps, manifolds, hose tubing, gaskets, swivels, and quick connects. Everything for automated and semi-automated equipment.

Minimatic Electronic/Pneumatic Interface Valves 
Accepting signals for low voltage sources, such as controllers and circuits, computer-directed control systems, Clippard Minimatic Interface Valves convert the electronic signals to high pressure pneumatic outputs. Twelve basic models, plus a newly enlarged line of amplifier and high flow devices are available.

The Eagle Electronic Valves 
Compact and efficient 5-ported, Eagle 4-way valve is available in over 30 different models, single and double solenoid, 12 or 24 VDC, 24 or 120 VAC or air piloted operation. Eagle 3-way valves are offered in numerous models with manifold mounts available from one to twelve. 

Clippard Electronic Manifold Cards 
Electronic Manifold Cards are fast mounting, completely assembled banks of Clippard EV/ET valves which provide new convenience in interfacing electronics and pneumatics.



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