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     Lincoln Lubrication Systems, which has been purchased by SKF , offers a wide variety of grease and oil automated Lubrication Systems in several configurations: Centro-Matic, Modular Lube, and QuikLube. A wide range of distribution fittings, controller/monitors, and accessories are also available. Lincoln offers products supporting industries such as:

  • Agriculture/Forestry
  • Construction and Mining
  • Food and Beverage
  • Industrial Vehicles
  • General Industry
  • Heavy Industry
  • Printing and Ink
  • Rail Lubrication
  • Wind Energy

Automated Lubrication

  Automated Lubrication products can be easily integrated into any operating environment. Systems range from manual to fully automatic. Every Lincoln lubrication system delivers the precise amount of lubricant required at each bearing point, from a few points on a single machine to thousands in a big plant.

  • Centro-Matic® Lubrication Systems
    Single-line parallel automatic lubrication systems for grease and oil.
  • Accessories for Lubrication
    Useful accessories and installation components for international systems.
  • Modular Lube® Lubrication Systems
    Single-line progressive systems for grease and oil Pump-to-point lubricator for oil with segmented metering valves
  • Automated Chain lubrication
    Lincoln automated chain lubrication systems provide an exact metered quantity of lubricant and apply it reliably to the chain where it is required.
  • Quicklub Lubrication Systems
    Single-line progressive automatic lubrication system for grease and oil with block-type metering valves.
  • New Automated Lubrication Systems
    Lincoln is always inventing new systems to solve customers' problems. Examples include FlowMaster® lubrication pumps, the Airless Spray system and a new Hydraulic Tool Lubricator for construction hammers and other applications.
  • Lubrication for the Railroad Industry
    Lincoln's Railroad Lubrication System offers advanced technologies to evenly distribute grease, resulting in the most efficient solution in the market.
  • Oil circulating systems
    Oil Circulation Systems and Roll Coolant Systems
  • Multi-line and Progressive System
    Multi line and multi-line-progressive systems for grease
  • Helios Lubrication System
    High-pressure two-line system for grease or oil
  • Spray and Special Lubrication Systems
    PMA Squirt, HAS Spray and Cobra moving conveyor lubrication systems
  • ORSCO Engineered Systems
    Precise, non-mist oil lubrication systems for chains, conveyors, high speed spindles and other applications.

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QLS301 Automated Lubrication System by Lincoln(SKF) QLS321 Automated Lubrication System by Lincoln(SKF)

Distributor Valves

  Lincoln lubricant distributor valves incorporate large ports which facilitate the specification of a wide variety of applications utilizing any standard industrial lubricant, including #2 grease and open gear lubricants. Each lubrication system is custom designed to meet a customer's exact needs. Lincoln systems are built to perform in the toughest operating conditions from oppressive heat to below freezing temperatures.

Lincoln Distributor Valves

18-Volt Lithium-Ion PowerLuber

   Lincoln has introduced its new 18-Volt, Lithium-Ion PowerLuber developed for maintenance professionals. The most advanced grease gun in its class, the 18-Volt PowerLuber features an LCD display that indicates grease dispensed, cartridge level, charge level and more.
Its 18-volt, high-amperage, lithium-ion battery provides superior run time, and its two-speed design delivers outstanding flow and pressure.

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Lincoln PowerLuber

Heavy Duty Pumps

   The PowerMaster III offers numerous design options such as carbon steel, stainless steel, or hard chrome plated. It has only 5 moving parts, no metal to metal contact, which helps to ensure a longer life and helps to prevent wear and tear. Available to fit any drum or pail size.

  • PowerMaster III
    The PowerMaster III offers numerous design options such as carbon steel, stainless steel, or hard chrome plated.
  • PileDriver III
    Lincoln’s strive for high quality products can once again been seen with the PileDriver III.
  • Hydro-PowerMaster
    This hydraulic motor is specifically made for PowerMaster III and PileDriver III Pump Tubes.
  • PowerMaster II Pump
    Lincoln’s PowerMaster II is built strong to give you years of dependable trouble-free operation.
  • Magna-Ram
    The Magna-Ram is a 300 gallon pressure primer for central feed of high-volume applications.
  • Measuring Valves
    Designed to be combined with PowerMaster or PileDriver pumping systems to dispense accurate volumes of adhesives, sealants, plastisols, lubricants, and other medium to high viscosity fluids.
  • Air Operated Ejectors
    Designed to be combined with PowerMaster or PileDriver pumping systems to dispense measured shots of mastics, epoxies, sealants, greases, and other viscous materials.
  • Ultra High Pressure Pumps for Pressure Control Applications
    Designed specifically for oil well services such as wireline and plug valve applications. In wireline applications, these pumps are used to seal against the well-head pressure as the well is being logged or perforated.

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PowerMaster III Lincoln Lubrication Pump

General Lubrication Pumps

    For over 90 years, Lincoln has been recognized as a leader in lubrication tools. Lubrication Pumps are no different, and Lincoln offers a complete line of performance-proven pumps for grease, oil, and other fluids.

  • High Pressure
    Lincoln’s high-pressure grease pumps have been performance proven in automotive, agricultural, heavy-duty, marine, construction, and industrial facilities throughout the world. The pumps are built for power, durability, and dependability and these exclusive engineering features ensure top performance and longer service life.
  • Medium Pressure
    Our medium pressure pumps are built with the same rugged reliability and powerful performance you've come to expect from Lincoln. They are super quiet—the quietest pumps on the market. They deliver increased output for faster product delivery. And they let you handle a wider range of applications with total mounting flexibility.
  • Transfer Pumps
    These proven horizontal, valved-piston motor designed transfer pumps were created for simplicity and reliability. They are a cost-effective solution for oil distributors who need to supply pumps for customers who purchase bulk oil in tanks or drums. Available as stub pump, 16-/55-gallon pump or 250- to 275-gallon tank pump.
  • Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps
    Diaphragm pumps are driven by compressed air. These pumps are both cost effective and environmentally friendly. Features such as dry running without damage, self-priming, and its ability to pump both abrasive and viscous materials ensure that the pumps will last a long time, saving you time and money.
  • Pump Packages
    Perfect way to get everything you need for one straight price. Package includes pump tube, air motor, pressure primer, brushing, coupling, straight swivel, air control, Moisture-Lok hose, flow gun, and coupler.
  • Bulk Oil Systems
    Lincoln pump 3:1 and 5:1 ratio packages include 600003 regulator, 600401 gauge, 815 coupler and 11659 nipple. Control valve, inline meter or handheld metering control valve must be ordered separately (except model 4283).
  • PMV Pumps
    Manual Bucket and Filler Pumps Ideal for applications requiring portability and economy, Lincoln manual bucket pumps dispense lubricants with up to 5000 psi of operating pressure. Clamp the pump to any 25-50 lb... refinery container or select from models that include 30 or 40 lb. bulk containers. Use filler pumps to quickly fill grease guns and oil cans used in everyday operation.

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Lincoln General Lubrication Pump

Industrial Hose Reels

   We offer our Golden Standard hose reels, our Heavy-Duty Series and High Flow units for service and fleet applications. Plus, we have all the reel cabinets, lubrication stations and related accessories you need.

  • Lincoln’s Fluid Reel Series (LFR)
    Lincoln's best value is exemplified in our LFR Series reels. Whether you need a low, medium or high-pressure rating, for grease, oil or air and water, Lincoln offers a standard reel to fit the application. For use with 30', 50', or 60’ hoses.
  • Heavy Duty Series
    Our toughest, long-life reels, the HD Series provides reliable operation in the most demanding conditions. For use with 30', 40' or 50'; low, medium or high pressure hoses.
  • High Flow Series
    These industrial strength hose reels are designed for applications that require high product flow and/or longer hose length. Models available to work with hose lengths up to 75'. Ideal for service trucks, transit facilities and large fleet shops. Fuel Reel Assemblies with super-duty reels in complete assemblies with hose and nozzle are also available.
  • Decorative Hose Reels
    A streamlined appearance is only one benefit to decorative hose reels. Also consider they are dent and scratch resistant, non conductive, non-corrosive, and easy to maintain.
  • Dual Arm Series
    This commercial strength hose reel is constructed to sustain repeated use in automotive environments and industrial settings. Double base support withstands extra vibrations and provides smooth hose pull-out and retraction.
  • Value Series Air Hose Reel
    Are you searching for a long lasting air hose reel including a heavy-duty air hose at a great value? Our Value Series hose reel has many features you will find on Lincoln high quality hose reels.
  • Accessories for Industrial Hose Reels
    Everything you need from decorative cabinets to complete lubrication and fluid dispensing stations, plus all mounting gear and other accessories you need are available from your Lincoln representative from Airline Hydraulics.

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Lincoln Lubrication Hose Reels

Control Valves and Meters

   Once you've chosen the pump and reel for your application, you'll want to select the perfect control valve or dispensing meter to complete your system.

  • Control Valves
    Lincoln's control valves are precisely machined with steel handles, bodies and guards for durability. Plus, you can get swivels, non-drip nozzles, extensions and other accessories to complete your petroleum products dispensing system exactly as needed. Models available for:

    Grease Control Systems
    Heavy Duty Fluid & Volume Control Valves
    Fluid Lubricant Accessories
    Air & Water Controls
  • Metering Control Valves
    Ideal for dispensing motor oil, ATF and gear lube, these metered valves can be used to deliver pints, quarts, liters or gallons with precision. Dial controls or digital readout, the technology even offers preset options on some models.
  • Inline/Volume Meters
    These industrial strength hose reels are designed for applications that require high product flow and/or longer hose length. Models available to work with hose lengths up to 75'. Ideal for service trucks, transit facilities and large fleet shops. Fuel Reel Assemblies with super-duty reels in complete assemblies with hose and nozzle are also available.

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Lincoln Control Valves

Fluid Systems

   Choose from the 3 types of fluid systems that would best fit your job. The three options are traditional drain, drain & evacuate, and drain & pressurize. Traditional is the method for handling used fluids allows gravity to drain fluids from vehicle(s) into a portable or mobile fluid drain. These fluids are then gravity fed into a used fluid storage tank. For Drain and Evacuate instead of gravity draining fluids into a storage tank, fluids are evacuated from the fluid drain into the tank with a suction pump system. Finally Drain and Pressurize is this new concept in used fluid handling employs the benefits of the drain & evacuate system without an evacuation pump—the fluid drain is pressurized to evacuate the used fluid.

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Lincoln Draining systems

Pneumatic Grease Gun

   Improve productivity with these powerful, fully automatic air-powered grease guns. These guns feature the same attention to performance as our manual grease guns but are designed for continuous operation, powered by your shop's air supply.

  • Pump Ratio: 40:1 at 150 psi
  • Max. Grease Pressure: 6,000 psi (414 bar)
  • Air Pressure Range: 40-150 psi (2.8 – 10.3 bar)
  • Weight: 5.375 lbs. (2.4 kg)

Guardian Grease

   Multi-purpose lithium and heavy-duty white lithium grease, drum/disc wheel grease, heavy duty "red" farm/industrial grease and marine and trailer wheel bring grease are offered in 1 lb. Cans, 14 oz. tubes and 3 oz. tubes.

Chassie Lube Systems for Mobile Equipment

   Automated Lubrication Systems from Lincoln can be installed on mobile construction equipment such as:

  • Haul Trucks
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Road Builders
  • Cement Trucks
  • Hydraulic Escavators
  • Mining Trucks
  • Pipe Layers
  • Garbage Trucks
Lincoln Lubrication System could be installed on Mobile Equipment like the Mining Truck

   The Automated Lubrication System can ensure critical pins and bushings are adequately lubricated.

    Benefits of Lincoln Automated Lubrication Systems - Cost Justification Factors
    • Increased Productivity
    • Reduced Manual Labor
    • Increased Mechanic Availibility
    • Extended Machine Component Life
    • Reduced Grease Consumption
    • Improved Housekeeping
    • Increased Residual Value

Lincoln Quicklub System
  1. 203 Pump w/Integrated Controller
  2. Primary Supply Line
  3. Master Divider Valve
  4. Secondary Supply Line
  5. Feed Line
  6. Secondary Divider Valve
System Operation Specifications
System Operation:
  1. The pump is actuated automatically by an adjustable controller.
  2. The lubricant is delivered to the divider valves through the supply line.
  3. The divider valve dispenses lubricant in measured amounts directly to the bearing through the feed line. Visual indication of cycle pin assures that all points are lubricated.
Automated Systems:

A controller turns the pump on for a fixed time at preset intervals. The valves cycle, lubricating the bearings as long as the pump is running. It stops when the controller times out.

Secondary divider valves expand system capacity and design flexibility.

Divider Valves:

  • Output per outlet in3, (cm3) : SSV=0.012
  • Max. outlets per valve: SSVM=0.0037
  • Materials: Carbon steel SSV , SSVM Stainless Steel SSV

203 Pumps:

  • Power: 12 or 24 Volt DC
  • Output per minute: 0.171 in3, (2.8cm3)
  • Reservoir capacity: 4 lb., 122 in3
  • Max. system pressure: 3600 psig (248 bar)
  • On time: minimum 2 minutes; max. 30 minutes
  • Off time: minimum 1 hour; max. 15 hours
  • Enclosure rating: IP54(protected from water spray, all directions)

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