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(Wind Power) - Renewable Energy, Green Technologies, and Alternative Power Generative

Wind power in the United States is a rapidly growing industry. The U.S. is the leading producer of electricity from wind power. The Department of Energy estimates that wind power could generate 20% of US electricity by 2030. This growing U.S. wind market has spurred new investment in turbine and component manufacturing plants.

One of the wind energy accounts Airline is active with is Gamesa Corporation, a Spanish-based company with facilities in Pennsylvania. We not only supply them with lubrication systems that are used on their wind turbines, but we also provide them with a system for their production of the blades. Our system not only reduces production time but also improved the product product quality by providing the same equal force every time their mold is secured. We even provided, within the circuit, a manual mode should they loose electrical power. As a point of interest, we were actually preferred over a system that the parent company, in Spain, had developed and projected, because of complexity, to have it installed by their service group from Spain. We supplied our unit as an hydraulic power unit kit with all the controls, tubing, fittings, and cylinders with custom mounting brackets, at a lower cost and it was installed by their local plant maintenance group. The first unit was so successful that we recently delivered two more hydraulic clamping kits.

` Gamesa Wind Mills with Airline Hydraulics' help
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Some of the products used in this application were from Rexroth, Hydac, Lincoln, Magnom and ABB. We provided Hydraulic Power Units, Lubrication systems, Filters, Filter elements, and accumulators. We also provided Power Distribution Centers, Power Transforms, DC Contactors, Relays, and Disconnects.

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