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Food processing is an industry characterized by a focus on hygiene and absolute cleanliness to avoid contamination of the food through micro-organisms and bacteria. Hygienic machine design contributes to reducing mechanical trouble spots such as threads, indents and gaps to eliminate the build up of bacteria and ensure an effective wash- down procedure with detergents and high-pressure cleaning.

  • Surfaces and their transitions must be sufficiently smooth and made of food-compatible materials that are resistant to cleaning agents typical in the food processing industry.
  • Connections must be conceived in such a way that protruding parts, strips and concealed corners are restricted to a minimum.
  • The connections of inside surfaces must be made with curves of sufficient diameter.
  • Operating materials (e.g. lubricants) may not come into contact with food if these substances are not food- compatible.
  • Fluids (food and cleaning agents) must be able to flow from the machine at least in cleaning position.
  • Any surfaces coming into contact with food must be easy to clean.
  • Areas which are inaccessible to cleaning must be sealed against the penetration of organic substances.

The IP69K standard requires the wash-down water pressure to be between 1160-1450 PSI, at a rate of 3.7-4.2 gallons/minute, and at a temperature of 80ºC/ 176ºF. The nozzle from which the water is sprayed is between 3.9” and 5.9” from the angles of 0º, 30º, 60º, and 90º, with a duration of 30 seconds for each angle.

Food & Beverage Industry Products

Airline’s advanced IP69K-compliant products stand up to the toughest

Continuous operation of food processing equipment is essential to controlling operational costs and optimizing productivity. In an environment requiring frequent wash-downs with high-pressure/high-temperature water and the harsh detergents that eliminate cross contamination, conventional components just don't hold up. The result — increased maintenance costs and severely compromised productivity. Airline has the solution with these advanced IP69K-compliant products:

Singular Controls N Series control devices & indicator lights - the ultimate in hygienic-conformance design.

Easy-to-clean smooth surfaces are made from food-compatible materials that are resistant to cleaning agents. Special seals extensively prevent the penetration of product residue in the gaps between the fixed and moving parts, effectively preventing the formation of bacteria nests in places which cannot be accessed for cleaning. These IP69K-rated devices include pushbuttons, selector switches, controls, indicator lights and more.

Schmersal BNS33S Coded-Magnet Sensor with Stainless Steel Housing

Designed for use as a safety interlock switch on movable machine guards/articulating robot arms, each sensor set has a multiple reed switch unit and a coded-magnet actuator. The reed switches, wired in series, will only close in the presence of their matched magnetic field array. Both switch and magnet assemblies are sealed to IP69K standards. Their tamper-resistant design prevents bypassing with a simple magnet or improperly coded magnetic field. In addition, the BNS module features an optional built-in LED display of switch status, and a 1-meter long prewired pigtail to assure sealing integrity.

Omron introduces the E3ZM - the world's first food-grade 316L stainless steel compact photoelectric sensor.

It meets the rigorous cleaning & hygiene requirements for food processing, pharmaceutical and beverage industries. The detergent and chemical-resistant case features minimal indents and an easy-to-clean surface. These new sensors offer the same blend of performance features of the entire E3Z family resulting in a working sensor life shown to be 200 times longer than that of sensors in conventional plastic or die cast housings.

Omron's E2FM highly durable all-stainless proximity sensor.

One-piece stainless steel housing with a head wall thickness of 0.8 mm (approx. 4x thicker than previous models) stands up to wash-down with harsh chemicals.

CL03 Clean Line Pneumatic Directional Control Valves by Bosch Rexroth

The Rexroth Clean Line series was specifically designed to handle your high pressure wash-down applications. The fiber reinforced subbases withstands detergents and aggressive chemicals. There is space between the valve protection covers making it easy to clean—and at the same time there are no pockets where particles can collect. You can skip expensive cabinet mounting and mount your valves closer to the actuators, thus reducing cycle time. With circuit cards integrated in each individual subbase, a valve manifold is easily expanded up to 16 valves. Since each valve can be individually supplied with two different pressures, one valve manifold can handle up to 32 different pressures! That means you can optimize your application, increasing cycle time and saving on energy costs.

Rexroth Cylinder Proximity Switch Series ST6 - Now Rated IP68 and IP69K

In order to expand the range of its potential applications, series ST6, also known as the Micro Series, has undergone a design change. All sensors ST6 with molded cables dated January 1, 2006 or later (date codes greater than 06W01) are now rated IP68 and IP69K. This change applies to all sensors ST6 whose part numbers are listed below. Please note that ST6 sensors with electrical connectors retain their original ratings. Ratings of ST6 sensors with M8 or M12 connectors are limited by the protection rating of the connector. In general, all electrical connections should still be made in clean, dry areas. (M8 and M12 connectors are rated IP67.)

Other hygienically-designed components suitable for food & beverage industry applications:

Although not necessarily IP69K-rated, the following products are engineered for use in harsh environments where intense cleaning is required.

WEG Stainless Steel Motors - Shark™: Three-Phase (IP55)

The entire line is certified Inverter Rated for use with a VFD. This rating meets or exceeds MG1 Part 31 NEMA Specifications. The Shark series of stainless steel products also includes the new stainless steel CFW-09 Drive Control

  • High Quality 304 seamless stainless tube frame
  • Premium quality 6200 series bearings
  • Inverter duty wire
  • VPI with Epoxy encapsulated windings
  • High Efficiency design
  • Class "F" insulation materials
  • 1.15 Service Factor
  • Class "B" rise at 1.15 Service Factor
  • Thermostats on each phase-auto reset
SMC Series HY water-resistant cylinders - configured for easy cleaning.
  • Flat, grooveless configuration prevents debris accumulation
  • Grease for food (NSF-H1 certified) is available
  • Auto switch is IP67 rated & CE marked
  • Offers a 5X increase in service life compared to SMC’s conventional model when exposed to washing in water
SMC CG5-S Stainless Steel Cylinders - for use in wash-down applications.
  • Special scraper prevents water from entering cylinder
  • Available with either NBR or FKM (Viton®) rod seals
  • Easily disassembled for periodic maintenance
  • All external parts SUS304 stainless steel
  • Electropolished mounting surfaces prevent debris accumulation
  • Also available with water-resistant piston rod sensors (autoswitches)
  • Also available with stainless steel one-touch tube fittings
SMC Stainless Steel 316 One-touch Fittings – Series KQG.

Offer superior resistance to heat and chemicals.

Meltric DecontactorTM Series Plugs, Receptacles and Electrical Connectors.

Decontactors are a combination plug, receptacle and disconnect switch in the same device. Using Meltric Decontactors to connect motors and other electrical equipment instead of hard-wiring can dramatically reduce equipment change-out related downtime. Built to withstand the harsh environments often found in the food industry, Meltric’s silver-nickel contacts, stainless steel components and chemical resistant housings help withstand corrosion caused by frequent wash-downs with caustic cleaners.

DSN: 20-60 Amps
DSN’s are the most compact and lightweight of the Decontactor Series products:
  • UP & CSA Switch Rated
  • NEMA 4X, IP 66/67
  • Up to 4 auxiliary contacts
DB: 30-100 Amps
DB’s are designed to handle high horsepower inductive loads (up to 60 hp):
  • UL & CSA Switch Rated
  • IP 67
  • Up to 4 auxiliary contacts

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