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Recent Projects/Applications
    Airline Hydraulics is an outlet for industrial fluid power knowledge, training, and integration. Below are a couple of recent projects that Airline has undertaken. These are applications for which we have helped provide a solution. This portrays the diversity of the fluid power industry. In the insatiable market of Fluid power and Automation, Airline is the cornerstone for providing solutions in the NorthEastern United States. There are so many applications that incoporate Fluid Power and Automation, that it is hard to show to broad diversity in this industry. Here are a few applications that can help you understand the business of Industrial Automation and the Services that Airline provides. Read more on about our value added capabiltities here.

Bosch Security Systems using Modular Framing

Lean workcell uses components from Rexroth’s Manual Production System, including aluminum structural framing, flow racks, and other elements to help Bosch Security Systems reduce waiting time, improve efficiency and quality, increase storage capacity and eliminate waste from their camera assembly operation.

  • Aluminum structural framing
  • Flow racks
  • Ergonomic workstations with Bosch tools and lighting
  • Rexroth CAD software
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Welex Plastic Rolling Machines

Welex is known worldwide for manufacturing equipment that produces plastic sheets. Airline helped make their rolling machines have greater precision, made them easier to control, and made their machines safer.

  • Plastic Extruction
  • Bosch Rexroth Article
  • VT-HACD digital hydraulic axis controller
  • CST4 Hydraulic Servo Cylinder
  • A10VSO hydraulic pump
  • Bosch Structural Aluminum Framing

Montenay Energy Resources

Recently, Airline Hydraulics provided Montenay Energy Resources of Montgomery County with power units and logistics to move and control hundreds of tons of trash into an incinerator. Montenay Energy Resources is a waste-to-energy facility in Conshohocken, Pa. Each day, Montenay Energy processes tons of household garbage and municipal solid waste at its 20-acre site. The facility incinerates the waste and uses the thermal energy to fire boilers and drive turbines which ultimately generate electricity for 30,000 homes.

  • Airline Power units
  • Bosch Rexroth Piston pumps
  • Baldor 25-hp electric motors
  • Proportional flow-control valves
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Davis Standard Plastic Manufacturing

Davis Standard, a well-known manufacturer of plastic extruding equipment, found help syncronizing and stabalizing huge plasic rolling machines. With the help of Airline and Bosch Rexroth, Davis was able to streamline their machines. Now the process is more productive and makes less waste.

Marine- Fishing Boats

The Marine industry has many uses for hydraulics. Here is a winch powered by a hydraulic radial piston motor to pull fishing nets/cages in.

  • Winches

Waste Management- Trash Compactor

Even here at Airline Hydraulics' headquarters we take advantage of hydraulics. This Industrial Trash compactor is put to use to crush our trash created here at our facility.

  • Trash Trucks
  • Trash Compactors

SheetMetal Production

One of the many production applications is sheet metal fabrication. This picture shows a press that bends sheets into a specified form.

    Circuitry Production

    Production of circuit boards for electronics in a huge industry where precision and speed is a necessity. This picture shows part of the assembly line.

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