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Planetary Gear Boxes

Heco Gears's first products were single reduction speed reducers for use with low speed – high torque hydraulic motors. The management of HECO has extensive knowledge in the application of hydraulic motors and designed our products to expand the capabilities of these products. We consider the hydraulic motor as an integral part of many of our product applications. As the company has grown we have continued to build on this expertise as well as expanding to other types of input such as electric motors and diesel engines. The applications of our products are varied and diverse. We are applied in swing drives, wheel drives, conveyor drives, winch drives, mixers, augers and numerous other types of applications.

The HECO product line consists of three basic series of planetary speed reducers. Within each series we offer a number of options to customize the product for the customers application. The Model 16 is rated to 30,000 in. lbs. of output torque. The Model 25 is rated to 85,000 in. lbs. of output torque and our largest, the Model 50 is rated to 140,000 in. lbs. of output torque. Each series is available in a variety of reduction ratios to more readily fit the application. We are constantly expanding our product line and plan to offer several new series in the near future. HECO makes a number of “special” modifications to our reducers to help our OEM customers reduce costs while integrating our product into theirs.

Heco Gear Planetary Speed reducer
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