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Bosch Rexroth distributed by Airline Hydraulics a Distributor and Systems Integrator
Hydraulic Manufacturer Page
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Other Bosch Rexroth Technologies:
Mobile Hydraulics:

Bosch Rexroth – The Drive & Control Company – offers comprehensive solutions for drives and motion control in 80 countries around the world.  The Industrial Hydraulics and Mobile Hydraulics divisions have product solutions for the most demanding and precision motion control applications, including information on:

  • Rexroth Hydraulics:
    • Mobile Machinery and Transportation Equipment Applications: Agriculture, construction, automotive, forestry, material handling, and municipal equipment.
    • Industrial Applications: Power units and systems in machine tool, plastics processing, primary metals, civil engineering, presses, automotive, aviation, marine, and offshore.
  • Bosch Automation Technology:
    • Mobile Hydraulic Applications: Electronic integration for the automotive, construction, timber and agricultural industries.
    • Industrial Hydraulic Applications: Power units and systems for diverse use in industry.  Servo and proportional valves are unmatched for precision, response and tolerance to contamination and vibration.

      Bosch Rexroth has a complete line of hydraulic pumps that serve virtually every industry. Some of these applications include: railway engineering; chemical process plants; power and environmental engineering; automotive engineering; plastics processing machinery; paper industry; presses; test rigs and simulation systems; marine engineering; offshore engineering; special projects; civil/water engineering; transportation technology; and machine tools.

      Like all motors, Bosch Rexroth motors take hydraulic energy and convert it into mechanical energy to turn a shaft. Beyond that, our motors are superior in quality to those you'll find elsewhere.

      Bosch Rexroth offers a full array of hydraulic control valves, and is a full line supplier in the realm of directional (spool and poppet), proportional, pressure, flow, check, logic cartridges, "sandwich" (modular), and cartridge type valves. Incorporation of these product solutions to circuit requirements are possible across a full spectrum of applications in the industrial and mobile industry. Standard pressure capability to 4500psi and higher, coupled with flow limitations measured to the 1000’s of gallons per minute, provide a bread of products not found from any other single source supplier. To aid in the selection for individual requirements, this “valves” section is separated into major control groups, for example, “pressure”, “flow”, and “directional”.

Pressure Control Valves
       Products to limit the maximum amount of pressure in a complete or branch circuit define the task of pressure control valves. A pressure relief valve serves to limit the maximum system pressure. Reducing valves control the maximum pressure in a branch circuit which must operate at lower than system requirements. “Multi-Fuction” valves can be configured to operate as Sequence, Counter Balance, Over-Running Load, or Unloading valves. In addition to the aforementioned pressure controls, Bosch Rexroth offers an accumulator unloading valve with optional charge/discharge ratios. The entire program spans subplate, in-line, cartridge, (DIN cavity), screw-in cartridge valve, and “sandwich” type module products either direct or pilot operated. Pressure ranges from minimum to 365psi (full range), and from minimum to 9000+ psi are possible via Bosch Rexroth.
Proportional Control Valves
      Hydraulic valves that are electrically operated by proportional solenoids are classified as Proportional Valves. There are rugged valves that fit perfectly into automated control applications. There are proportional directional control, proportional relief, proportional pressure reducing, proportional flow control, and proportional throttle valves. Most valves have the option for integrated electronics or separate amplifiers. Bosch Rexroth offers the widest variety and range of proportional valves of any manufacturer.
Valve Electronics
      Some electrohydraulic valves have integrated amplifiers. In most cases, external amplifiers are also available to optimize the valve performance. Many of these provide additional features to enhance system operation. Additional electronic cards provide closed loop controllers, various control system modules, card holders, power supplies, test units.

      Bosch Rexroth has a complete line of cylinder installation and mounting types that conform to the standards ISO 6020/2, DIN 24 554, and NF E 48-016. Each cylinder is tested to Bosch Rexroth standards, taking a nominal pressure of 160 bar and a maximum operating pressure of up to 210 bar.

      Bosch Rexroth manufactures customized manifolds. We design, machine, assemble and test to your application.

      Our manifolds fall under the following subcategories:

Bar Manifolds
      Bar Manifolds range in size from 6 to 22, and are made from aluminum and ductile iron. They can be side or bottom ported, SAE and BSPP porting with flanged ports for larger sizes. Mounting kits are included, and other accessories are available.
      Subplates are made from aluminum and ductile iron and are available in sizes 6 to 22. They can be bottom or side ported, and can have SAE, BSPP or UPT porting. Each comes with its own mounting kit.
      Available in sizes 6 to 22, coverplates are made of aluminum or ductile iron. Mounting kit is included.
Sandwich Plates
      Sandwich Plates range in size from 6 to 22 and are made from aluminum and ductile iron. They are available for full flow and test port tap-in. No mounting kit is available, but a set of O-rings are included.
Valve Adaptors
      Our Valve Adaptors are available in size adaption from sizes 6 through 22. They are made from aluminum and ductile iron, and come with a mounting kit.
Pump Manifolds
      Pump Manifolds are available in different functionalities. The materials chosen for each is based upon the application. Parts are provided as unassembled kits, not including parts where indicated.
Logic Manifolds
      Logic Manifolds are available in sizes 16 to 63, in ductile iron only. One design will provide various control functions by orifice/plug provisions. Configuration will be provided per chosen model code.
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