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Parker is a powerhouse of to fluid power industry that offers a wide variety of fluid connector products. Airline has recently taken on Parker Hose as a vender. Companied with Airline Hydraulics' knowledge of the implementation of fluid power products, the Parker Hose line of products including Tube fittings, Quick Couplings, Parflex, Industrial Hose, Hose Products, and Brass Products can become a true asset to your needs. Parker provides a base of all types to fluid connections.
Product Categories
  • Tube fittings
  • Quick Couplings
  • Parflex
  • Industrial Hose
  • Hose Products
  • Brass Products
Tube Fittings

    Parker manufactures a broad line of tube fitting and adapters including the Triple-Lok® fitting (37° flare), Ferulok® fitting (flareless), Intru-lok® fitting (brass flareless), EO® fitting (metric flareless), EO®-2 fitting (metric flareless with elastomeric seal), Seal-LokTM fitting (O-ring face seal), Pipe Fittings and Adapters, JIS fittings, Hydraulic Flanges and Adapters, which are offered in a variety of port ends - NPTF, SAE Straight Thread, BSPP, BSPT, ISO and metric. They have been around since 1924 putting together some of the best designed fittings on the market brought to you by technologies and shared resources within Parker's Enterprise.
Read more about Tube Fittings on Parkers website...

Quick Couplings

    Parker is the world's largest manufacturer of quick coupling products. They provide a variety of sizes and end configurations ranging from 1/8 inch to 2-1/2 inches accommodating many design requirements. These products have pressure capabilities to 15,000 psi working pressure, port configurations including metrics, body materials such as brass, 316 stainless steel, or polypropylene. These couplings have been design to be incorporated into many different applications like industrial manufacturing or mobile.
Read more about Quick Couplings on Parkers website...

The Parflex Division was established in 1982 to focus on solving the obstacles created by extreme applications. In 2005, Parflex acquired PAGE International Hose (specialty PTFE hose producer) and TexLoc (fluoropolymer tubing extrusions) in Fort Worth, Texas. Large diameters, small diameters, extra flexibility, exceptional corrosion and/or abrasion resistance, tighter bend radius's - for almost all industrial hose and tubing challenges, there is a Parflex product available.
Read more about Parflex on Parkers website...
Industrial Hose

    Parker's Industrial Hose are diverse suiting requirements for heat, ozone and weather resistance, chemical resistance, oil and flame resistance and abrasion resistance. By choosing the right hose system, you are ensured of an individual hose assembly that will deliver maximum life, safe handling on the job and productivity.

    These products include reinforced rubber and plastic hose capable of conveying a wide variety of materials ranging from water to hazardous chemicals.  These hoses range in size from 3/16" to 30", with pressures up to 3000 psi.
Read more about Industrial Hose on Parkers website...

Hose Products

    Parker hose are classified as Braided, Spiral, Specialty and Suction & Return Line Hydraulic hose along with Pneumatic, Engine/Air Brake/Marine/Gas and Air Conditioning hose. These Hoses range in size from 1/4" to 2" I.D. and are compatible with the Field Attachable or Permanent Fittings. Parker offers a variety of both Reuseable (Feild attachable) and Crimped(permanent) fittings to accommodate any application you can fathom.
Read more about Hose Products on Parkers website...

Brass Products

    These Brass Products come in a variety of configurations such as push-to-connect,compression,transportation,flare,pipe,hose barb,valves,integrated fittings, metric products, and other miscellanious fittings.
Read more about Brass Products on Parkers website...

Parker News

    Parker's Prestolok PLII becomes obsolete at the end of 2011. It is being converted to the new more compact composite material that offers a "D" seal and has improved side loading capabilities. Airline can provide you with the New Prestolok PLP fittings product line.
Read more about Brass Products on Parkers website...

Parker Selection Tools and Apps
Ravages of Red Rust

    TFD’s micro-sites are extremely user-friendly and they are quick to load because they are topic specific. Understanding the Parker advantage is just a click away! • www.ravagesofredrust.com - Ravages of Red Rust - Featuring Parker Standard Plating and Parker XTR Coating, you and your customers can compare Parker standard plating to competitors’ products to prevent the ravages of red rust, such as nitrogen-based fertilizers, salt spray and more. An interactive sliding scale allows you to easily illustrate the superior results when using Parker fittings over a time period of 480 hours in a neutral salt spray test. Site visitors can also use an interactive sliding scale to demonstrate a time lapse of 1,000 hours for corrosion on Parker XTR Coating. Parker’s XTR coating has been tested to resist corroding for more than 720 hours. That’s more than seven times longer than the SAE standard of 72 hours.
Read more about Parker Standard Plating and Parker XTR Coating...

CPS - Complete Piping Solutions

    www.completepipingsolutions.com - CPS - Complete Piping Solutions - This site is a comprehensive source for TFD’s full-service piping solution featuring the Parflange F37 non-welded piping system. From consultation and design to prefabricated assemblies and installation, the value of CPS to your customer is outlined in a few simple clicks. In addition to being able to do everything from consultation to installation on-site, another one of Parker’s benefits is being able to bend large sizes off-site to tight tolerances that allow assemblies to drop right into place.
Read more about Parker Complete Piping Solutions...

Parker’s SAE Aluminum Fittings

    http://parker.com/aluminumfittings - Parker’s SAE Aluminum Fittings - Now your customers can learn how they can save weight and conserve energy resources. The green movement is growing, and you can help your customer by introducing them to this light weight, environmentally friendly fitting from Parker TFD.
Read more about Parker’s SAE Aluminum Fittings...

Parker FittingFinder

    www.parkerfittingfinder.com - Parker FittingFinder – Discussed in this issue’s Tube Talk, a web App is available online as well as a mobile app for added convenience. Now, your customers can identify a fitting in a few simple steps. By entering a part number or, if unavailable, the fitting shape, end type, size and material, FittingFinder provides an emailable specs page containing product dimensions and a link to the fitting’s CAD file on the web. When demonstrating FittingFinder to your customers from their mobile device, help them set up the “favorite” feature, enabling them to reach you in one simple click.
Read more about Parker FittingFinder...

Parker’s Trap Seal O-Ring™, Robust Port Stud™ and Superior Plating™

    www.fittingsthatraisethebar.com - Parker’s Trap Seal O-Ring™, Robust Port Stud™ and Superior Plating™ - Show your customers how they can protect themselves from leakage, consuming pre-assembly, backup washer damage and corrosion with Parker TFD’s ever-growing exclusive innovations.
Read more about Parker’s Trap Seal O-Ring™, Robust Port Stud™ and Superior Plating™...

Parker’s Universal Push-to-Connect Assembly (UPTC)

    www.pushclickdone.com - Parker’s Universal Push-to-Connect Assembly (UPTC) - Do your customers appreciate the simplicity of pushing a hose or tube into an adapter, creating a leak-free connection without the necessity of changeovers to new male- and female-end fitting designs? Parker’s UPTC creates immediate cost savings in assembly time along with reductions in warranty and rework claims due to improper assembly. When talking to your customers, direct them to this page for more information to reinforce your sale.
Read more about Parker’s Universal Push-to-Connect Assembly (UPTC)...

Parker Tube Fittings Division ToolSpec

    www.tfdtoolspec.com - Parker Tube Fittings Division ToolSpec - Mentioned in this issue’s article Rental & Repair Program, this page is a useful tool in ensuring your customers have the correct equipment with the necessary tooling.
Read more about Parker Tube Fittings Division ToolSpec...

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