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Bosch Rexroth – The Drive & Control Company – offers comprehensive solutions for drives and motion control in 80 countries around the world. For more than three decades, Bosch/Rexroth has been delivering drive and control systems and are closely connected with the international machine tool industry. Numerous innovations, large and small, have resulted from that connection. Revolutionary technologies like maintenance-free servo drives and PC-based controls have now become worldwide standards.

Bosch Rexroth Terminology

  • Indraworks(Engineering)-
    The innovative software framework for the standardized and integrated engineering functionality provided by the IndraMotion, IndraLogic and IndraDrive systems. Project management, configuration, parameterization, programming and diagnostics - all in a single software package.
  • Indramotion and Indralogic(Motion and Logic)-
    PLC Systems and programming software which are customized to your automation applications.
  • IndraControl(Controls and HMIs)-
    With the new IndraControl platform of control components from the Automation House, Rexroth's automation toolkit, you get the ideal system for modern, performance-based automation solutions. This makes IndraControl the flexible control platform for all of Rexroth's industry-specific solutions. All IndraControl components can be easily connected to various systems using industry standard interfaces.
  • IndraDrive(Drives and Motors)-
    Frequency Drives, Gearboxes, Motors, Single axis or Multi axis drive Systems

Drives and Motors
      Bosch Rexroth has a complete line Drives and motors. They offer everything you need from a small motor to a large Frameless Kit motor. The drives come in a full range of application specific designs. Each Drive is custom built to your needs.
Bosch Rexroth's Site with more on Drives and Motors

Control Software and HMIs
      Are you looking for an operator terminal or industrial PC with robust, reliable technology and flexibility? Would you like to have a choice in the location of your operator controls? The Rexroth IndraControl V series always provides the right solution that is tailored to your specific automation application.
These come in:
  • Embedded Windows CE-based Terminals (IndraControl VEP)
  • Compant terminal type (Indracontrol VCP)
  • Industrial PCs (Rexroth IndraControl VSP und VPP)
  • Machine Operator Panels (IndraControl VAM/VAK)

Linear Motion Products 
     Bosch Rexroth offers a full array of Linear Motion Products. These products come in all different shapes and sizes to fit your specific automation needs. There are miniture models, ball screws, rail systems.
Bosch Rexroth's Site with more on Linear Motion

Rexroth Ball Rail systems encompass many areas of our linear guide products. We provide special care to all aspects of these products, including Ball Rail Runner Blocks, Ball Chains, corrosion and lubrication.
Rexroth Roller Rail systems have been especially designed for machine tools and industrial robots requiring compact, roller bearing linear motion guideways. They are available in various accuracy classes with extremely high load capacity and high rigidity. Miniature Bail Rail Systems These space-saving assemblies available in 5 common sizes (25mm to 65mm) afford the same high load capacities in all four major planes of load application.
The Miniature version of the Rexroth Ball Rail System has been developed specifically for the precision engineering sector, i.e. for the production of optical or electronic data processing devices, where rolling-element linear motion guideways of extremely compact dimensions and high load capacity are required. The linear motion guideways have equal load capacities in all four directions of load application.
Rexroth’s eLINE range of ball rail systems was developed for applications where high rigidity and accuracy are frequently not the most important considerations, especially for light machinery and for handling and positioning movements where the main emphasis is on economy and durability. Made of wrought aluminum alloy with ball tracks of hardened antifriction bearing steel, the runner blocks and guide rails are characterized by their low weight, compact design, and equal load bearing capacity in all four main directions of loading.
Ball Screw Assemblies
      High speeds, quiet running, extended lengths - our broad line of precision ball screws offer enclosed ball-circulation systems for smooth operation. To maintain exceptional performance, the screws offer high rigidity, high axial load capacity, and low friction to achieve repeatability and precision. You'll find everything you need to apply your precision ball screw. Our ball nuts are available in a variety of styles to allow you to achieve the best match of price and performance. Single and double nuts are available in varying preload to eliminate backlash and increase positional accuracy. Match your nut and screw selection with our nut housings, end bearings and pillow blocks to create a complete ball screw assembly.
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