Airline Hydraulics is now your source for Bosch Rexroth Linear Motion and Electric Drive & Control products.

Meet the newest members of Airline's Electro Drives and Control Group located in Upstate New York:

Dan Robinson
(Eastern & Central NY State)
Cell: (585) 721-7645

Pete Woodams
(Western & Central NY State)
Cell: (585) 259-7478


More than a source...
we're a resource!

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Airline Hydraulics Corporation is pleased to announce our acquisition of T Motion! This launches Airline's appointment as the exclusive, authorized distributor of Bosch Rexroth Linear Motion and Electric Drive & Control products in Upstate New York. Airline is now your single source for the entire Bosch Rexroth line, including Industrial and Mobile Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Structural Framing and Conveyor products, and now, Linear Motion and Electric Drive & Control products!

   ˇ Profiled Rail Systems & Runner Blocks
   ˇ Linear Modules & Actuators
   ˇ Custom Cartesian Motion Systems
   ˇ Precision Ball Screw Systems
   ˇ Linear Bushings & Shafts
   ˇ E-Line Low-Cost Rail & Screws

   ˇ Single & Multi Axis Servo Systems
   ˇ 200W-500kW Motion Control Solutions
   ˇ PLC's, HMI's and I/O
   ˇ Integrated Motion & Logic
   ˇ Rotary, Linear, Frameless, Explosion Proof
     Servo & Spindle Motors

From concept to completion, Airline has your solution. Our Application Engineers will consult with you on-site to help you choose products and implement the most cost-effective and productive system possible. We're experts at selecting the right modules from our vast selection and will listen to your needs so that you get exactly what you want.

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