Airline Hydraulics Product Showcase
Featuring Omron Sensors and Temperature Controllers July 2008
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Welcome to Airline Hydraulics' Product Showcase. In this issue you'll find valuable information on Fiber Optic Sensors and Temperature Controllers from Omron Electronics. If precise detection of color differences is vital to your application, be sure to check out the link below to demo the E3X-DAC-S. Now is the perfect time to buy, using our savings coupon below, good on your next purchase of the E3X-DAC-S.
If color detection isn't an issue, the E3X-DA-S digital fiber optic amplifier is a good alternative, solving many tough sensing applications by enabling the user to set very tight switching thresholds. And our third featured product, the E5CN Digital Temperature Controller, offers accuracy, fast response and reliable service.
If you're not quite sure about selecting the right product for your application, this issue is packed with helpful links to Omron selection tools, cross reference guides and more. Or you can simply pick up the phone and ask a product specialist at Airline for assistance.
Call us toll free at (800) 999-SERV (7378) for a quick response to your most difficult automation challenge. We look forward to hearing from you.
Ed Brogan
Omron Product Manager
Airline Hydraulics

E3X-DAC-S Sensor

E3X-DA-S Sensor
E5CN Digital Temperature Controller
Easy & Reliable Digital Fiber Optic Sensor Offers
True Color Detection
Omron's new E3X-DAC-S Fiber Optic Sensor features a 3-in-1 color sensing engine that uses three parameters, RGB, to process incident light. It detects color information from the workpiece for precise detection of color differences. Features a slim, 10 mm wide Amplifier Unit (the thinnest in the industry!) for compact installation. A number of smart functions, including remote control, simplify set up and operation. Select from a wide range of fiber heads to match the workpiece and working space, making installation possible even in small spaces.
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Reduce Costs with One Sensor for a Variety of Applications
Omron's E3X-DA-S digital fiber optic amplifier solves many tough sensing applications:
Enables the user to set very tight switching thresholds.
Display shows the amount of light being received, as well as the programmed
   threshold, making set up easy.
Enhanced LED power tuning ensures stored parameters stay true.
Users will reduce operating costs due to the E3X-DA-S's exceptional operating specifications and consistent performance in tough detection and verification applications which usually are reserved for more expensive, harder to use vision systems.  Also, based on its ability to be used in diffuse, separate or retro-reflective applications, customers can stock one sensor which will suit a multitude of applications, thus reducing inventory costs. Whether used to detect double paper sheets in sender-receiver applications or verifying the presence of grease in a small bearing diameter, this sensor's ability for minute differentiation make it a proven performer!
Omron's Updated 1/16 DIN Size E5CN Temperature Controllers Deliver Fast, Accurate Control with Easy-to-Read, 3-Color Display
Omron updated the E5CN 1/16 DIN size temperature controller with faster response to process upsets, more informative display of temperature status using a three-color-change 11-segment LCD display, and password protected settings to prevent tampering. A built-in PC communications port reduces costs and simplifies setup and monitoring using CX-Thermo software. 
The innovative 2-PID control uses a powerful algorithm that enables E5CN to be tuned for optimum disturbance response without user intervention or any compromise on the speed of reaction to changes in set point. A more frequent sampling rate (250 ms) and shorter control period (0.5 s) ensure a fast response.
The E5CN's three-color-change display, clear diagnostics and high intensity 11-segment LCD's allow operators to determine PV process status, even from a distance, regardless of viewing angle. Operators can detect a bad seal at an early stage using the color change to detect when one of the heaters is not at set-point. The PV display can be set to change color from green (OK) to red (below proper seal temperature) for an informative display.
E5CN temperature controllers are ideal for sealing bar control in wrapping and pouching machines and use in freezers, fryers and baking equipment in food processing operations where tight control and high accuracy are required. The IP66 rated front panel makes them suitable for use in the food, pharma and bio industries. The flat membrane keys prevent dirt from clinging to the surface.
About Omron & Airline Hydraulics
Omron Electronics LLC is a leading manufacturer and provider of industrial automation products and solutions. Offering complete automation connectivity, extensive product groups include machine vision systems, programmable controllers, sensors, operator interfaces, RFID systems, timers, counters, servo motors and drives, and software.  
Airline Hydraulics has a 23-year relationship with Omron as their premier distributor for the mid-Atlantic area. Our product availability and expertise are second to none. As one of the largest automation suppliers in the Northeast, we can provide a custom response to your sensing and control needs, from components to fully engineered solutions. 
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